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Originally Posted by LongGun1 View Post
Same here....but great advice nonetheless!

Yours also....and others....good advice abounds!
And no two people's lists SHOULD be the same. Different people, different situations, different priorities.

But 3 out of 4 surveyed, are gonna have 3 out of 4 items in the same ballpark.

Still, that's only about a 60% overlap.

I will maintain forever and a day, that a home with an 870 12g, a 30-30 Lever, and 4" 357 is as well prepped for most practical sensible purposes as one with a Benelli M4, a SCAR, and an HK45. Maybe better in some respects...And that no home is as well geared up as LG1's.

12g, COmbat Rifle, Common cal hand gun, and .22 is just not gonna be able to be reasonably debated.

SBR - we can argue that one....

And remember - this is a GUN board survival room. It isn't the SURVIVAL board gun room (I'm a member of both situations).

We MAY, just MAY be a LITTLE biased towards things that go boom.

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