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I have watched it, and enjoyed it -- it is a cool story.

I follow a plant-based diet and have a green juice most days. I have an Omega juicer at home, and since I've been on the road a lot the past 6 months to the same client site I bought a Nutri-Bullet that I leave in a backpack with the hotel desk clerk to hold for me until I return.

I've done a few short juice fasts -- 1-5 days. For me the real challenge was planning, and not letting myself get too hungry. If I got caught up with work first thing and skipped breakfast, then by noon or 1 I would be starving, and the rest of the day would be sucky. If you plan the day before when you will juice, and perhaps even what you will juice, it may be easier.

Congrats on your decision and your commitment though I would recommend a bit of moderation with your planned bacon binge. BTW Worcestershire sauce contains animal (anchovy).

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