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Originally Posted by Louisville Glocker View Post
Sorry, but I'm a numbers guy. People have different opinions, but facts are simpler than the way people like to spin things.

Simply take a look at the last Israeli "operation" (as usual, it is really a slaughter. Palestinians killed 9 Israelis total - only 3 civilians, whereas Israeli killed 773 civilians. Disproportionate force and Collective punishment are both War Crimes, as written into International Law by US authors after WWII)

Sorry the formatting sucks. Here is the original tables, but you can get the idea pretty easily.

Israeli security forces killed 1,387 Palestinians during the operation. The breakdown is as

Did not take part in the hostilities 773
Of them, women (over 18) 107
Of them, minor boys & girls (under 18) 320
Took part in the hostilities
330 2
Women 0
Minors 19
Police officers killed at police stations 248
Unknown if took part in the hostilities 36
Women 0
Minors 6
Total 1387
Minors killed who did not take part in the hostilities, by age and gender
Age Total Boys Girls
Under 6 60 33 27
Under 11 119 68 51
Under 17 290 195 95
Under 18 320 221 99
Adults killed who did not take part in the hostilities, by age and gender
Total Age Men Women
18-29 141 176 35
30-39 55 74 19
40-49 69 90 21
Over 50 81 113 32
Israeli fatalities (all figures relate to the Gaza Strip and southern Israel during
the period 27 December 2008 to 18 January 2009)
During the operation, Palestinians killed nine Israelis, as follows:
 Three civilians, who were killed by Qassam and Grad rocket fire
 Six members of the security forces
In addition, four soldiers were killed by friendly fire. 3
The only side to ever claim a disproportionate response is the losing side, I never knew war needed to be proportional. Here's a hint, don't start a war you can't finish.

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