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Originally Posted by DanaT View Post
I am watching BBC. They just interviews the IDF spokesman.

WOW. The guy had some balls (in a good way). The BBC news guy asked about Israels "disproportionate response".

The Israeli spokesman said, well, when Germans were bombing London, you were not worried about a disproportionate response against Germany and not killing civilians.

The BBC guy had a long pause and then asked his final question. It was clear that that direct of a response was not expected.

His final question was how to stop this.

The IDF spokesman had a simple solution. He said, quit firing rockets at Israeli civilians and it will stop.
Haha. If you ask an Israeli a question you should expect the most direct and honest answer there is.

And he is right. If Hamas stops attacking Israel it will stop. The Palestinians had the biggest economic prosperity after the 1995 peace agreement until they decided to start another uprising against Israel.

Looks like the Palestinians are doing great now.
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