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Originally Posted by DanaT View Post
I think the Iron Dome is scaring the crap out of the other mid-east countries.

Hamas is claiming less than a 50% success rate for Iron Dome. But, read into it a little more. It is seems like almost 100% right now. The system targets trajectories and doesn't fire on rockets that wont hit anything. It seems they have near a 100% hit rate on rockets with dangerous trajectories.

If I was Iran, I would be crapping my pants about now. It shows their missiles probably have very limited strike capability on Israel. However, I think this may actually make the situation worse. When dealing with nut jobs like Iran, their logical conclusion will be that they need a nuke even more since that might be their only chance of penetrating Iron dome.
Iron Dome is only against short range rockets. It can't shoot down a nuke or a Scud type missile.
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