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Originally Posted by berto62 View Post
Im not saying unions are great....I think that blame can be spread evenly across the board. What I find confusing is people trying to vilify unions when CEO's and CFO's and Cwhateverthe****o's are running these company's into the ground, walking away with millions and leaving people who worked their whole lives with nothing. Yet union's are the bad guys destroying everything:huh? This thread is a perfect example, all the anti union people were quick to point and say....I told you so.....yet when more facts, and dare I say the truth starts coming out we see that it had a small part in this train wreck.

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The company laid it on the line to the union. You have a choice to make, accept the contract or lose your job.

It was their choice. They made their choice. They can live with it. That's what happens when you play chicken with someone who means what they say.

Don't try to shift responsibility to someone else. That is leftist drivel.

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