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Some great stuff above. Really Like RW's comments. I'll just throw a few general points out there as guidelines based on my approach (which may be totally wrong for you)

1. There is no such thing as "enough" but you never know how much that is. So don't hurt yourself trying to figure it out.

2. Which is better 500 rnds of ammo or 500 gallons of water? I think I can avoid a gunfight a lot longer than I can avoid going without a drink. In fact, being able to lay low without needing a drink from somewhere really helps with that.

3. As a rule of thumb, I just go with 500/per gun, and don't get fancy about the type of ammo. Bottom line : Shoot straight and FMJ will do pretty well, even in a 9mm. Miss, and Corbon is just money that could have been spent on food.

My general rules on weapons:

One long gun and one hand gun per adult shooter. I don't really care what the gun is. I'd rather it was something you know and shoot well more than anything. Cowboy with a 30-30 is a dangerous foe vs an accountant who can't work his tricked out LWRC AR....

Handgun rules in SHTF IF you must go out. I still say spend more on food/water than ammo and don't go out.

Now to be very specific -

#1 Gun: 12g pump shotgun. Fast, reliable, flexible. HD, SD, Hunting (small game, deer, birds, bear = whatever). Most flexible, easy to use, forgiving weapon period. Have two of them. Mossberg 535 with Turkey/Field barrels in 22"/28" is an excellent choice to get a lot of milage out of one gun. Remington 870 with 18.5" and another 26" barrel is also great. Or an 870 Police and a regular 870. Every house in America should have one. I Have Mossberg 500 for indoor use AND the 535 for food duty.

Get an assortment of ammo: Buck for HD, SLugs for big game (or cars), game loads, trap loads. Ammo you know is more important than premium IMO, and more practice with crappy ammo is way better than a little practice with premium ammo. 200 game rounds, 200 buck rounds, 100 slugs, and as much practice ammo as you want.

#2 Handgun of choice: 9mm, .40, 45, 38, .357 semi or revolver. Don't care. Just make sure you learn to use it. It's the other gun you'll carry all the time, or carry and conceal. Standard size is fine or 4" revolver. remember - you are staying home. Again - 500 rounds on hand. Spend the rest on practice ammo (That's 1k rounds already...)

I like a semi in 9mm. Ammo is effective, cheap, available, and cap is high. .40 is much more rare, expensive, and honestly not practically more effective. a few hundred more rounds of practice with 9mm IMO is more important than the extra umph of .40/.45

I have HK and XD's in 9mm and .45. If you have a 9mm and a .357 - there is a LOT of chance you'll run into people with that ammo. Common caliber is key, IMO...and less calibers is better. A few very common ones. 9mm, .357, .45; I'd feel really good.

If you are getting a backup - get it in the same caliber. Hard to beat Glock for this with the sub compact/full size or a .357 snub and a 4"

#3 The Military Carbine of choice. AR, AK, whatever. I like AK, because again - it's cheap, it's uber reliable, and has a good stopping factor. Again - the 600-1200 dollar difference in the AK vs the AR is a lot of practice.

Remember - this is a main fighting weapon, and I do not plan on fighting. It is not the best thing for a lot of things, but it is a great all around rifle for many/most things.

Don't think you need more than 1000 for this. Again -
spend money on ammo for practice and food/water etc...and you may not need to use it. This would be best. AK's are my preference. I have an ultra high end Arsenal that cost a little more than the cheapest sensible AR.

Also - two of these is not a bad idea. Get the the same ones. If they break - parts exchange is handy. Even AK's can break. Assume an AR will - especially cheap ones.

#4 .22 rifle or pistol of choice. Again - don't care. Great for practice and as a last ditch bug out weapon after you had to drop the Shotgun and pistol. It's too easy NOT to have 1000 rounds of .22 on hand. Get PREMIUM ammo!!! Rimfire is fickle. Get another couple thousand of 550 round boxes if you want.

I have an M&P 15-22, and a Henry Survival. Need a Ruger MKIII. Handy to camp, hunt ext....

If each adult shooter has a Shotgun/handgun of choice, and there is at least another long gun and a .22 or two around, that's all you can shoot anyway.

If you want to go further....

Good bolt action in 30-06 or 308. Hunt anything AND long range AND commonly available. Honestly, a bit of a waste if you don't hunt.

For two adults in the home: AR, SG, two handguns in same caliber, and a .22. 500 rounds of ammo STORED for each gun. And then, don't buy any ammo EXCEPT practice until you get a month of supplies for the family. Then buy another 100 rounds each. You end up eventually with 5 months of supplies and almost 1000 rounds of ammo.

5 months of hunker down is worth way more, IMO than 500 rounds.

Less guns, less stored ammo, more practice, more other supplies.

More effective rounds, more common rounds, more reliable weapons. 12g, 9mm, 7.62x39, .22lr in 12g pump, reliable semi/revolver, AK, and Rugers.

If you have 8 guns for four people and 500 rounds each - enjoy life. If those 8 guns are in 4 calibers - even better.

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