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Originally Posted by old wanderer View Post
Got admit it is fun to live in interesting time...

In casual talks with my LEO friends, they just laugh when the talk comes up about bans and confiscation....."Who is going to risk their lives to enforce such an unconstitutional law"

Do you think Big Sis will accomplish the stated goal of Obama to "have a civilian defense force equal to and as well equipped as our military". ? If so who will serve in it?

Maye we all should volunteer, and then take it apart from the inside...
Not saying it will happen, but to answer you question who will. Ask the people of New Orleans. "some" local and imported cops and Feds that's who. The UN is chomping at the bit for the chance too. I don't foresee it in the near future but the people in New Orleans didn't believe it would ever happen either. Never say never or it "can't" happen.

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