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Originally Posted by RWBlue View Post
I have kind of wondered the same thing.

Where my parents live the power has gone out in winter for an extended period of time once every other year. For the most part it isn't a problem, BUT there is always the concern for water pipes freezing. What would it take to hook up their GMC Yukon to the Gas furnace in the house? I assume if they heat up the house once a day or once every other day the pipes will not freeze.

Second question:
Assuming I get a truck camper and decide to camp not in a camping ground, what would you recommend for an inverter and what could I power? Can I run the AC in the truck camper? Can I run the microwave? I do not have a truck camper at this time, so this is just part of the deep research for the plan.
I'm rockin' a truck camper, and while it is self-contained (fresh water and wastewater tanks), it is not very "electrically complicated.

It's pretty old, so it has no microwave. The only thing I have that's 120v is the Air conditioner, and it's a 5K BTU household window-mount unit that I fabbed up a bracket to stuff it in the back window. I also have a 3000w surge inverter from harbor freight. Even though my math says the inverter *should* start the AC, it trips the breaker on the inverter when the compressor kicks on with the window unit. I am suspecting I need a better cable from the invert to the battery, as I was merely testing it out with jumper cables at the time.

You're going to need a 4kw genset to run either the microwave or small A/C, and alot more to run both at once.

For cooling a truck camper with little electricity use, I suggest a roof-mount swamp cooler. Mine has an old RecAir unit, but the company was bought out and is sold now at . The swamp cooler only has a couple of amp draw to run the fan, and the cooling is done by evaporating water. So basically, with a 12v battery and a couple of gallons of water, you have a cool camper. I have a single walmart deep cycle group 27 battery, and it runs the lights and waterpump on my TC all weekend. I'm not wasteful, but I'm not super careful either. I usually run out of water before I run out of battery. And if the bat runs down, I could charge it off the pickup. I think with a roof mount harbor-freight panel, it would make the battery last 4-5 days before being depleted. If you could hook up to water and sewer, such a setup would probably get you though a disaster.
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