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Originally Posted by Contact View Post
Since I'm the one who was here asking questions, I'm probably not the most reliable source of information.

But I will say that my entire 42inch plasma tv, xbox, dvd player setup uses less than 300 watts, however what I've found is that anything that creates heat or cold, uses exponentially more power than anything that just runs steadily. For example, my Keurig coffee maker uses about 5 watts just sitting there, but while it heats up the water it jumps up to around 1350 watts, give or take. My toaster uses about 1600 watts while heating.

I know most of the microwavable products give their directions based on a specific wattage. I've got some frozen burritos in the fridge now that say they are based on 1100 watts, so I'd bet that's about an average give or take a couple hundred watts. Of course the smaller the microwave, the less watts it uses, and the longer the food would take to cook.
I understand what you are saying. I have used a Killawatt and played with my small inverter to power things like a laptop. I have the one in my vehicle out so I can power a tablet and track were I was going.

The key for my parents is that they would ONLY be powering the fan, not producing the heat.

The key for me is that other people doing the truck camping thing should have already worked this out. I just have to find one who can tell me this is how it is done (inverter or generator).
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