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Originally Posted by tshadow6 View Post
If a female can handle the same equipment load as a male, then let her try it. If the Marines are requiring a 100 pound weight, but the actual combat load is 60 pounds, then some one is cheating. I believe women should be allowed into combat for the simple reason that when women start coming home in body bags, then maybe this country will think twice before sticking our nose into everyone else's business.
The Army used to limit the rucksack (or at least unofficially limit) weight to 70-lbs. Mind you, that's rucksack weight. By the time you add your LBE loaded with mags, grenades, knick knacks, weapons, body armor, the load will be around $100. More for mortarmen and machine gun crew or spec op groups that carry even more gadgets.

As far as women coming home in body bags, it already happened.
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