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Originally Posted by MikeG36 View Post
I can hear the debate now..... "7+1 isn't enough in a firefight!" "Other 9mm mags won't work in it." "It's not that much smaller than my G26 which holds three more rounds - plus it accepts my 33 round spare mags." "Etc, etc, etc."

Personally, I think there's a market for it. The question is; how big a market and would it be worthwhile for Glock to exploit it?

If it comes out, I'll prolly be one of the first to own one.
Do you have ANY idea how hard a 9mm Shield is to get right now? I waited in line at a LGS that received over 40 for their anniversary sale. They were all gone before 11:00AM that day. Some people must have no issue with 7+1. I happen to be one of them.
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