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Originally Posted by Glock 1 View Post
I am making a list of ammo and guns I should have in stock. Here is the calibers I have and the respective ammo amounts.

Glock 21SF 50rds
2 Glock 26s 450 rds
Bersa 380 300 rds
S&W 38 Sp revolver - 100 rds
AR-15 - 400 rds
20 ga double barrel Shotgun 225 rds
.308 bolt action rifle 60 rds
.22lr M&P rifle 11,000 rds
IMHO - I would move all of the pistols to 1 caliber (9mm) and sell off the rest, with the exception of adding a .22LR target pistol like the Ruger. Good 9mm is still cheap so 1,000 rounds per pistol is reasonable.

Move the shotgun to a 7 & 1 autoloader like the Mossberg 930 with maybe 500 rounds. If this is your self defense weapon and you use it the police will take it and you will be lucky to see it again for a year.

AR 15 is a great combat rifle so I would stock up a few K rounds for it.

The .22 is a fantastic round and it sounds like you can take enough small game for the rest of your life with 11K rounds and supply your new pistol too.

If you have game around the .308 will be just fine. How about 500 or 1,000 rounds for it though.

Really good question to think about I did this a couple of years ago and ended up selling and buying guns and ammunition to correct my "wants" to my "needs" which is how I look at it right now.
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