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Originally Posted by Peace Warrior View Post
I was right the first time... a lemming. Thanks for sharing.
ah..ok then seeing as how you haven't been right once yet in this thread I'm just gonna let that go. Btw I've really enjoyed the last 11 pages of you making your self look like a blatant idiot who most likely couldn't pass high school biology,physics or even chemistry. Seriously its a comedy at this point and I'm not sure you realize that you're the butt of the joke.

PW- You're a real winner,truly getting a lot out of that online education of yours huh? Remind me, what classes did you take? Your degree is in what? Because as far as I can tell all of your info/opinions about science are coming directly from the internet for wholly unqualified sources( if provided at all).

Now I'll just sit back and continue to watch you be torn apart by just about EVERYONE. I mean that have you noticed that no one is coming to your defense, not one. FFS that are members on this board who are whack job religious and even they don't have your back on this one.....does that tell you nothing?? At any point have you stepped backed and asked yourself why NO ONE agrees with you? Perhaps you're just not as smart as you liked to think you are?

You can call me a lemming ( I've been called worse by people who's opinion I actually respect). But at least I'm not a self-delusional, barely educated fool who doesn't quite grasp BASIC science, yet thinks he's intellectually on par with Stephen Hawkings.

It saddens me to know that people actually have to tolerate you in person. Your personality alone is intolerable.
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