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Originally Posted by vic bastige View Post
I know this is a beaten to death topic, but after returning from the range where I spent time with my new S&W Shield, I am reminded just how badly I wish Glock made a single stack 9mm with a standard 7 round mag. The Shield is really nice, but Glock could do better. I guess I can dream.
I can hear the debate now..... "7+1 isn't enough in a firefight!" "Other 9mm mags won't work in it." "It's not that much smaller than my G26 which holds three more rounds - plus it accepts my 33 round spare mags." "Etc, etc, etc."

Personally, I think there's a market for it. The question is; how big a market and would it be worthwhile for Glock to exploit it?

If it comes out, I'll prolly be one of the first to own one.
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