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My Colt is DONE!

Some of you may have read my thread about my Colt SP1 upper I got about a month ago. I have been chipping away at it for a few weeks. I put it on a Nodak Spud 601 slick side lower with a Fulton Armory LPK in it. I aged the lower parts with naval jelly for that old grey look. The furniture is period correct A1, I wet sanded with 800/1500, kiwi shoe polish then micro fiber buffed them to a shine. I like the hard candy black look with the retro's. Put a GI olive drab sling on and an M8 bayonet.

I am happy with how it came out. With all the forgings the upper is from 70-73 but I wanted to do an early 60's military model build. I have a 3 prong flash hider but I am not real sure I want to monkey with taking off of the original. I can't wait to take it out to the desert and shoot it.
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