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Originally Posted by intecooler View Post
What is shilling?

Is that spreading information and real data? If so, yes.

I have been testing 10mm ammo and other ammo calibers for a few years now trying to see what is what. It's still an on-going process but their aren't a ton of true 10mm makers out there. Some of the ones that had a good product figured they could then crank the price into nobody can afford it land. Then you have a couple of others that the loading was backed off or they played bullet-switcheroo. I personally don't care what anyone buys because it's their choice for performance, price and comfort level. I just want to smoke out as many options as possible!

The Value line is once fired brass from what I gather. It seems to never be in stock from what I see.

Their are a few more new 10 MFG's I want to test but Winter is here and my Witness has a two-piece sight plus I need to put some new parts in my Chrony.
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