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I went from going to Blankers (Hardware) to having to get (free) permit from Sheriff/limited places, to ATF showing up to inspect my "magazine" then $50 per yr, $100 per yr. (and other background checks the SAME DANG OFFICE RUNS do NOT count.
Do I "feel" any safer? Heck no. What happens now is I get old gent who wants to "talk" Seems he has 20+ yr old stuff he bought legally and has no idea what to do with. (or he dies and his wife/kids find it) Certain areas you do NOT notify authorities.... No common sense. Other they will treat it as a QUIET training exercise.
Thankfully most has been rotated 4x a yr. I have one right now. They can't notify locals as it will become national headlines (The father was even a LIFE MEMBER of NRA)>>>> So they are clearing 60 yrs of stuff and know what to look for. (They only found blasting caps so maybe no explosives) That stuff (if there is any) has not been handled ????????? I really have no idea what to do if they find any. I am not going to risk my life, area is too populated to dispose locally.....

Page finally loaded. This is about tannerite? A bottle of hair spray could blow that mailbox. Ban hairspray

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