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I, too, got a new G30sf yesterday. I traded an older G17 and some $$$ to a friend who has a FFL. I like what I see, so far, but haven't shot it. Took it home and wiped it down for inspection.

No copper anti-seizing paste and some oil in the front of the slide. Re-assembled and the slide wouldn't go into battery easily. So I let it slam shut and it worked.

Noticed a rattle and the slide-lock was loose. Took slide off again and looked it over. Not much I could do so put it back together.

No battery and a rattle of loose slide lock. Hmmm. Then the flat spring that operates the slide lock fell out! Went to stick it back in and it was impossible because the flat spring broke.

So I gotta find a Glock gunsmith and/or send it back to the factory. I know those springs are a real MONSTER to get the broken part out from reading others' stories of this massive PITA here. Oh well .....

Guess it'll be a while before this one gets fired.
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