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Originally Posted by Peace Warrior View Post
I know what the Sun is, but when speaking only from an empirically derived scientific perspective, one must be guarded before claiming the Sun is "just like other stars" in the Universe.
What empirically is difference between our sun and other stars?

Are you aware that astronomers know a great deal about stars? We can tell their size, their chemical make-up, their temperture, their absolute magnitude and their lifespan!

Do you know they are able to extract this information through several overlapping methods (thus independently varifiable results).

Have you ever seen the Hertzsprung–Russell diagram?

Religious Issues


Religious Issues

...or standard candles, paralax, doppler shift, type 1A supernovae & variable stars (and their significance to determining distances).

There is PLENTY of evidence that our sun is a star. While no 2 stars are precisely the same, there is nothing significantly different about our star... it is a humdrum, main sequence run-of-the-mill star. Certainly nothing that would reclassify it as anything other than a star. If you have any evidence to the contrary, please present it to the Astronomical Union for peer review. Science LOVES opposing opinion. That is how we learn.
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