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Originally Posted by Peace Warrior View Post
I know what the Sun is, but when speaking only from an empirically derived scientific perspective, one must be guarded before claiming the Sun is "just like other stars" in the Universe.

ETA: I am speaking from the point of a technicality.
If you propose the sun is different from other stars, you ought to have some basis for saying that. Everything actually measured about it lines up with other medium sized yellow stars for instance.

If your basis for saying that is merely that YOU don't know, your theory about the sun is as farked up as your theory about the age of the earth.

Speaking from a factual standpoint, not a technicality. Arguments from ignorance carry no more weight from the willingly ignorant, regardless of their being subject matter experts in ignorance. That merely transforms it to an argument from authority in that case, simply a different logical fallacy.


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