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Originally Posted by Peace Warrior View Post
Could "contamination" by ground water affect the results of radiometric dating on a given sample supplied for such testing?
Not sure. I would not claim that no sample has ever been contaminated. But I am sure that every single sample ever found anywhere on earth that shows an age > 13,000 years was not contaminated by groundwater. I know moon rocks that date at billions of years old were not contaminated by groundwater that doesn't exist on the moon.

I know you are desperately trying to deny evidence for no reason other than to avoid admitting to yourself that you've been misled by misinterpretation of scripture. There's plenty of Christian churches that gave up the 10,000 year old Earth decades ago. Just as they gave up the idea the Earth was the center of the universe. The bible is not a science textbook. It was not even intended as a goat herding manual at the time it was written, and that was something they were actually knowledgeable about back then.


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