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I often carry a Colt Detective Special as my pocket EDC. I have a few tighter pockets that it's not practical for so I went shopping for a more "pocketable" revolver for those instances.
I looked at the new S&W Bodyguard revolver (I already have a BG.380) and although it had a nice trigger, it was just too funky with that ambi cyclinder latch. I've had a 442 and didn't care for it, so that was out. I liked the LCR, even though I thought it looked strange. Nice trigger, felt good in the hand, but the grip was no improvement size wise from my Colt. Also, it's "stickiness" made drawing it from a tight pocket even more problematic than the Colt. In the end, I chose the S&W 438. I like the way it feels better than I did the 442, the boot grip fits in my tighter pockets better and I like having the option to cock it if I choose.
I carry my pocket revolvers in a Mika pocket holster, and I prefer them to a .380 when I can.
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