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I never think selling one firearm to buy another is a bad thing if youíre upgrading.

I sold my Mossberg 500 8 shot tube shotgun. It only had a bead front sight and the receiver was not drilled and tapped for the option of optics. I replaced it with a new Mossberg 590 8 shot tube. This one has the ghost ring sights and an optic rail I wanted.

I sold my S&W 457 .45ACP. I didnít shoot it very well for me and I didnít like how it felt in my hand. Also, I felt looking for a holster was a little tougher than my other handguns. I replaced it with a Glock 36. Last weekend, I had Night Sights installed on it. Now, all my handguns have the same sights. I shoot my G36 as well as I shoot my G30.

I consider this to be an upgrade. Sure, it cost me a little more money to get what I want. However, I now have what I want. I think that is a win.
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