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Originally Posted by Peace Warrior View Post
(With added emphasis to my post #58.)
You're just going to ignore the problems with these claims that have already been pointed out? My psychic powers are proven real again!!
Originally Posted by Animal Mother View Post
Are you planning on having a discussion or will you be following past practice and simply declaring things true and refusing to consider or address any evidence to the contrary?
ETA: Found this since the thread started:
Now you're going to depend on Jerry Vardaman and his "microletters" as filtered through an anonymous author? You've truly gone off the deep end here. Who was this other Quirinius? What other offices did he hold? Which gens did he belong to? Why is he absent from the list of known legates of Syria (which is the proper title for the time under discussion, not proconsul) ? Your "source" claims this individual held office "from 11 BC until Herod died." yet we have records showing that Marcus Titius, Gaius Sentius Saturninus, Publius Quinctilius Varus were the legates during this period. How do you reconcile these apparent contradictions, or will you simply ignore them in favor of the baseless claims which happen to support your beliefs, as I suspect?
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