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Originally Posted by Tiro Fijo View Post
Well, I hope it is loaded hotter than their (Fiocchi) .357 SIG ball ammo, which is pretty cream puffy as far as the cal. goes.
That's the catch with Fiocchi from my experience.

I haven't noticed any difference in Fiocchi's .357sig range ammo from other .357sig range ammos I've shot, but I don't own a chrony so my opinion is subjective.

On the other hand, while the 124-grain Fiocchi Extrema XTP in 9mm is about the weakest milquetoast 9mm "premium" round I've ever shot the 115-grain Extrema XTP is the most accurate of all the ammos I've shot in my micro CCW 9mm. It seems to be the hottest standard pressure round I've found. I checked the boxes and whereas the 124-grain Extrema XTP is made at the Springfield MO plant the 115-grain Extrema XTP comes in a different box with the CIP logo on it.

I asked tnoutdoors to test the Extrema 115-grain XTP for confirmation but I'm sure he's got a lot of requests for specific rounds.
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