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Fiocchi .357sig 124-grain XTP

While inspecting my pistols tonight I saw in the safe a 50-round box of Fiocchi 124-grain XTP ammo in .357sig. Then I recalled a recent GT thread where the XTP round was mentioned.

So I pulled out my box of .357sig Hornady 124-grain XTP and the box of .357sig Fiocchi 124-grain XTP and conducted a close inspection. The Fiocchi is the straight-walled deep cavity bullet with no cannelure and the Hornady bullet is the love handle design with shallow cavity and cannelure.

I only shot enough of the Fiocchi .357sig XTP to check function and I'm not making any judgments on its effectiveness, but I'm one who thinks a correct bullet design for every caliber is the better route for self-defense ammo. Just wanted to let every .357sig owner know about this in case they might be looking at the Fiocchi round. My thanks to those in the previous thread who pointed out the different bullet designs in Hornady's 9mm/.357sig rounds.
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