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Originally Posted by 4Rules View Post
What is this, a fashion show?

James Bond should be carrying a real sidearm, either a PPQ, a P30, or a G19.
There are a handful of weapons that stand alone as works of art. In this I place the PPK, Luger, Beretta 9000S, the Beretta 70S, Sig 232...I would even toss in the AK47 simply because it is too ugly not to be admired. Mauser HSc is in their too.

Now, if you read the books, The number of times Bond kills someone with either the Beretta .25 or the PPK is vanishingly small.

The arch villians are always done in by other means. Dr. No was buried in guano, Mr. Big was eaten by baracuda, Hugo Drax was taken out by his own Moonraker in a nuclear explosion. The weapon that earned him his OO status was a Remington 30-30 he used to assassinate a Japanese spy.
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