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Good choice and a great gun. I have 3 of them, 2 just like yours and a short frame 30 with the rail. I carry one of the dull guns and have one as a spare. the short frame was available at a good price used so I bought it but find I prefer the dull gun. I did a couple things to my carry gun that might interest you. I upgraded the extractor with a loaded chamber indicator extractor, I put on a bar-sto barrel (cut rifling so I can shoot lead and with a fully supported chamber), I replaced the stock trigger with a siderlock from lone wolf for added security, and I put a crimson trace lazer grip on it. The grip makes the overal grip a little larger but it is easy to get used to. I carry it in a blade-tech razor holster and it disapears under a loose large t-shirt. Love the gun. Best regards.
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