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Went to use my debt card today and it is not approved. After a 12 minute hold the customer service person informed me my card had been canceled since it had been "compromised". They couldn't tell what that meant, but they did send me a new card on 10/31/12 and canceled my old one.

The problem is that one they never told me it was canceled and the new one never arrived. The only solution they could offer me was to go to a local branch and they would issue me a new one. Ok I am a little hot over this but it's 4:15pm on a Friday and I don't have a whole lot of options at this point.

The bank gave me a new card that's good for 30 days and canceled the old one that never showed up. So come December 1st I am finding a new bank. I've given Bank of America to many chances this was the last one.

Nobody besides used my card but is was on a list they watched the activity for 10 days and then canceled it.
Rant over

PS. My G/F went out today a bought a bottle of Glenlivet and Knob Creek so it was a good ending to the day.

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