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Originally Posted by barth View Post

2) I find my four Hecker and Koch OEM barrels to be near
match grade as shipped.
Particularly the HK45C.

3) Barrels, and how they fit in a slide, seem to be unique.
Fired from the same G27;
Storm Lake G27 and G23 40-9mm barrels clearly favor different
weight, and manufacturer, ammunition.
And these two related sisters don't agree on what they favor.
These things don't surprise me as HKs are known for being match grade accurate. Both LAV and Ken Hackathorn have said that the HK 45 can shoot with a custom 1911 in the accuracy department.

I agree with you about barrels which is why if accuracy improvement is what someone is looking for, a fitted barrel is money well spent.

Personally, I'm less comfortable with the Sig as compared to my Glock, but more accurate with it. I really don't think it's me; I really do believe the gun is more mechanically accurate. Same reason that I can shoot a USP 9 more accurately than my Glock, I think, mechanically, it's just a more accurate pistol.
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