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Originally Posted by Sharky7 View Post
Don't you consider it ironic you call others a "Bruce Willis" type - when we (police officers) would all hold back and call for back up and pre-plan a felony stop for an armed robbery offender. On the other hand you would just flip on your lights and try to take him/them into custody by yourself.

Who is the one who watches too many movies?
The first thing I said was what? Radio. Seems like everyone decided not to read that part, they were too busy worrying about the witch hunt.

Originally Posted by Sharky7 View Post
Well....we are asking YOU to provide now.

Asked? More like dogpiled by a bunch of (self-proclaimed) "professionals" that act more like junior-high bullies in a lunchroom. Yeah...who wouldn't be in a hurry to have new friends like that...yeah, I'll pass...just like I have for 9 years now.

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