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Mine wasn't as bad as yours.
I could easily slide a cartridge into my field stripped Storm lake barrel.
If a new factory round won't even go in all the way, I'd contact Storm Lake.

In my case.
I got a Storm lake 10mm 6.02" barrel for my Glock 20 last month.
It would sometimes jam up with the cartridge part way into the chamber.

To fix it, I polished the chamber and feed ramp, and slightly rounded the edge of the transition from the feed ramp to the chamber.
Go easy on the edge rounding until it feeds without problem.
It didn't hardly take any to fix mine.

I also polished the outside of the barrel to a semi-mirror finish.
I was told that if I run my fingernail over it and feel ridges that this can cause wear to the Glock slide.

It now works great, with a much more supported chamber
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