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Originally Posted by Bren View Post
How they see it going is that they provoke a reaction from the Israelies that can be used to draw other muslim countires into war against them, make things hard on the US, etc.
Likely true, Bren. Perhaps the only explanation that makes "sense."

But you have to wonder if they have noticed that . . .

. . . the Egyptian military is unlikely to let itself be broken in a new war with Israel, even if the Muslim Brotherhood "leaders" in Egypt were to say they should. (Especially since lost of senior Egyptian Army officers have spent the past 25 years or so harrying, arresting, torturing and disappearing MB leaders.)

. . . the Syrians are busy with a civil war.

. . . the Jordanians have been a US ally and de facto GWOT partner for years. (And more to the point REALLY don't want a new wave of Palestinian refugees.)

. . . Iraq has no meaningful army, let alone any cohesive political will.

. . . the Gulf states all seem to be too busy making money and building indoor ski resorts.

I suppose the idea might be to draw Iran in, but Iran is ALREADY in. Many (most?) of the recent spate of missiles are being launched by Islamic Jihad, essentially a client/proxy of Iran. Perhaps the idea is to distract the Israelis so they forget to bomb the centrifuges? Seems like a poor plan.
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