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Originally Posted by G29Reload View Post
Ok, lets stop the scare tactics. Correction:

Obama DOES NOT begin push for new national retirement system.

This is a bunch of hooey from an advocacy group.


Not new. This is a little scary, but it was floated about 4 years ago just after he was first elected. Some lefties in congress mouthed off on the floor of the House about it.

Even in the then dem controlled congress it did not make traction.

And more importantly, NOW…

We've got divided government. He can't do it unilaterally. Has to come from Congress and so its a non starter. Calm down.
I always find it funny how people forget about Congress, and think the President is all powerful.

"Oh my gosh, Bush is horrible for making us go to war.!" Bush didn't make us go to war, Congress is the one who voted for us to go to war.

"Oh my gosh, Obama is so horrible, he's going to take all of our money and give it out to everybody else." Not if Congress won't let him.
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