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Originally Posted by Z71bill View Post
Can you somehow sort out a "union workers that did not want to loose their job" VS one that did?

I am no expert - but have seen how things work up close a few times.

Union leaders made all sorts of promises - they get the employees all hyped up - making it into a crazy situation where people don't act in a rational way.

Solidarity!! We all must be together and if we stay together we will WIN.

Then BAM they are all out of a job.

I bet all but a few are wondering WTF did I just do? Why did I allow some smooth talking idiot to convince me to risk my job - end up unemployed?

That's so very much how this BS works. Anywhere else it's "Risky Shift". Among unionists it's solidarity and standing up to the man. And fighting the ubiquitous, "Bad Management" bogie man.
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