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Originally Posted by jeanderson View Post
This is insane. The government has no damn business managing my money.
Simply put - its not your money.

You may have gone to school to get a job to earn it or worked 60 hours a week at some blue collar job; but it is their money. They print it, tax it at every possible transaction they can and want it back when you die (see the estate tax thread).

However, in the end it simply won't matter. Last I read, retirement accounts in this country were worth around $5 trillion dollars...this will take care of deficit spending for approximately 3-4 years. Yep, the fed will spend what is supposed to last Americans 20-40 years in the blink of an eye.

For the record, I fully support this idea 100%. Why? As a 43 year old, I realize I will never see social security...the $100K (i think that is what our last statement said) my wife and I have put in there will never see our hands. I sincerely doubt the money we have socked away will be worth anything more than TP or tinder by the time I "retire." I'm sure many on this board feel the same way. Maybe this seizure will FINALLY be the spark to take this country back from the politicans who have in effect stolen it "legally" from us.
Now when asked when I think things will change I answer "The next time Thomas (aka the fed) robs Peter (aka the 53%) to pay Paul (aka the 47%) and Peter pulls a gun...things will change"

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