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Originally Posted by hamburger View Post
I ordered 2 (two) parts

A magazine base plate and a conversion barrel

As we all know by know the dirty trick of vendors listing as "available" when they are really out of stock. I fell for it.

So, the base plate and the barrel came to $19.00 for shipping.

Base plate was sent first. Was charged the $10.00 + $19.00 for shipping. Called the vendor about the barrel and was told there's a month back order.

Month later, another month back order. After third month of their run around, I requested to cancel the barrel order. I was rufunded $1.00 for the barrel shipping charge.

Those dirty crooks.

I feel better venting
I would dispute it with the credit card company. You agreed to the $19 shipping for both items, they did not fulfill their part of the contract.

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