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Originally Posted by bmoore View Post
Plank- can you give me some quick education on this. Do you think this is SBR specific? Or do you think it would have given way in any rifle? I am not to familiar with SBR.
My money is on the front screw being over-torqued from the beginning, and the damaged thread just gave way over time. I doubt it had anything to do with it being in an SBR.

Originally Posted by Travclem View Post
I have a factory 10.5" LMT. It has a semi auto carrier and a carbine buffer and is gassed to run in this configuration as per LMT. They say you might have issues with M16 bolt carriers and H/H2 buffers in their SBR uppers.

Until the screw came loose, mine ran like a champ with an H2 buffer and FA BCG.

Edit to add: Got an email back from BCM this morning with some additional questions. They wanted to know what kind of upper I was using, and what kind of ammo I had used. Waiting for a response now after I sent them the info they needed.
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