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Originally Posted by WoodenPlank View Post
It's not running. I can't *feel* any play in the key, but it's definitely not running. Bolt moves, just refuses to feed or lock back on empty.

As for the LMT bit, I was already considering dropping it to a Carbine carrier as a test. Once I get the BCM carrier un-buggered, I still plan to try it. Until the carrier failure, though, it was running perfectly even on Tula .223 with an H2 buffer.

It's a first for me, too. Hoping to hear back from them by e-mail tomorrow.
I have a factory 10.5" LMT. It has a semi auto carrier and a carbine buffer and is gassed to run in this configuration as per LMT. They say you might have issues with M16 bolt carriers and H/H2 buffers in their SBR uppers.
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