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Originally Posted by ron59 View Post
I'm aware of the the Precision moly bullet manufacturer.

Many others on here aren't, and will simply refer to "Precision" when talking about PD.

If I'm talking about Precision, the moly manufacturer, I make sure to mention moly to clarify.

Plus, we had just been discussing PD vs Bear Creek, when you just mentioned Precision, I thought you were still talking about PD.
Have you used Precision molies? If so, how would you compare them to Bear Creek? The only molies I've used so far are BBI and Precision.

BBI + my fav 9mm powder (Universal) gave me nasty smoke...but then again, it turned out there was something wrong with the coating on my first maybe I should try Universal again with the replacements they sent. The first ones, I think the coating wasn't properly cured or something. Just handling the bullets would turn my fingers black, and you could see by looking at the insides of the boxes (first batch and replacements) that the first ones turned the inside of the box black, while the second didn't put much if any of their color on the cardboard.
what guns?
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