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Storm Lake barrel: Chamber too tight!

Background: I have been a long time M&P/1911 guy andrecently joined the dark side by buying my first Glock… So far I am notimpressed.

Stopped at Cabelas and brought home a new Glock 20SF. So far I have nothing but bad luck with thispistol.

I bought a box of 200 grain PMC to function test (will berolling my own otherwise). Out of the 50I had 2 failure to return to battery (no limp wristing). Now this was before I cleaned her for thefirst time and I have since replaced the recoil rod and spring with aftermarketsteel setup, and wiped all of Glock’s “gold grease” off of the slide rails.

Main problem:

I also bought a 4.6” Storm Lake barrel (to shoot 200 grainWFNGC bullets). The barrel arrived andlock up is perfect, gorgeous machining, everything looks great. Go to chamber a round (more PMC) and thebullet gets half way into the chamber and stops. I have to wrestle the bullet out and than Itry to just drop a bullet into the barrel when the barrel isfieldstripped. Again, nothing! Thebullet only gets half way into the chamber before it gets stuck.

Has anyone else had this trouble before? Part of me wants totry another storm lake barrel as maybe I got a fluke or try a KKM instead.

Caliber measures 0.427

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