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Originally Posted by bac1023 View Post
I picked this up a couple weeks ago on Gunbroker. Its a Star Megastar in 45ACP. I've been curious about these pistols for quite a while and when one finally showed up for sale again, I grabbed it. The Megastar is built like a tank. Its weight with an empty magazine is 47.6oz, now making it the heaviest service caliber pistol I own. Its heavier than my other heavyweights, such as my Wolf SV and Sig X-Five, both of which are between 46 and 47oz. It is built of thick steel and should make 45ACP feel like shooting 9mm. The Megastar was only built in two calibers, this and 10mm. I probably would have preferred a 10mm, but either was fine.

The gun shows some wear on the front parts of the frame, but it honestly doesn't look like its been shot much. The finish one these guns shows wear very easily, much like the early Sigs. I got it for $450 and it included the box and all papers, which I felt was a good price.

The Megastar was in production for 4 to 5 years starting in 1993 and aren't overly common these days as relatively few were built compared to some more practical Star models.

Any Megastar owners here?

As always, your comments and opinions are welcome. Please enjoy the pics.


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I had a Firestar in .45 acp back in the day. I loved that firearm and have tried to replace it multiple times. They are very hard to come by. Anyhoo, the only problem I had with it was the first or second time I shot it, the slide stop/release lever broke. Sheered in half. I called the company and they overnighted me a replacement. I didn't have any other problems with it. The two guns I regret getting rid of the most were my Llama .380 and the Firestar .45... Good buy. Hope you enjoy it...

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