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Originally Posted by Peace Warrior View Post
The BS comes from the evos as no one has been able to observe it happening, and it is a hard luck (my terminology) theory from the evos as it was postulated so as to explain something that Science cannot prove. You can believe it if you want to, but physical science laws strike it down as impossible
I think you should be aware that "evos" refer to biology, not cosmology, since you seem to have them confused with cosmologists. Perhaps you call them Cosmos?

The Nebular Hypothesis (from the 1700's IIRC) has been repeatedly challenged and shown to be impossible due to actual scientific observations in the 20th century. The theory itself has had to evolve.

Attempts to explain both the expansion of the universe and the condensation of galaxies must be largely contradictory so long as gravitation is the only force field under consideration. For if the expansive kinetic energy of matter is adequate to give universal expansion against the gravitational field, it is adequate to prevent local condensation under gravity, and vice versa. That is why, essentially, the formation of galaxies is passed over with little comment in most systems of cosmology.” D.B. Larson, Universe in Motion (1984) page 8
If that were true, why don't black holes fly apart as fast as your crazy arguments do? Why doesn't all the loose dirt on Earth fly out into space and expand along with the atmosphere? Hell, as fast as Earth is spinning, it ought to be flinging excess stuff off into space from centrifugal force as well as the kinetic energy of an expanding universe. How do some galaxies collide if they're all moving away from each other? Why are planets moving around the sun instead of moving away from it???

Something seems to have overcome the expansion of the universe in some spots... if only we had a theory to explain this seeming impossibility. If only some force existed that exhibited a natural attraction between things with mass. Maybe someday science will solve that mystery.

I wonder what Isaac Newton would have called this mysterious force had he discovered GRAVITY?


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