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Originally Posted by Peace Warrior View Post
Gravity alone won't do it, but lets run with your foolish misunderstanding and reason.
Well, Einstein, if gravity won't make gasses clump together , why does Earth still have an atmosphere made up of gasses clumped around it? What's your theory for what is holding down the air? Does God have the Earth wrapped in saran wrap?

Tell me where the star(s) is(are) that formed on or in the Earth's atmosphere and I'll throw my Bible away. The closet thing even remotely resembling a star is roughly 93 million miles away from the Earth.
So now you're claiming the sun is NOT a star, only something close to resembling a star? You realize stars are made of hydrogen, and Earth's atmosphere has hardly any hydrogen? Even if the entire atmosphere were composed of hydrogen, it wouldn't even be close to being enough to form a star. Are you really that ignorant or is this a parody?

How do you get a sun, or star to form, from individual hydrogen atoms mind you, inside of the vacuum of outer space. To believe such a thing takes more faith than Creationists utilize.
Either you don't understand what hydrogen is, or you don't understand what a vacuum is.

Vacuum implies the lack of hydrogen atoms, as well as other gases. If you can't even tell that a simple sentence you wrote contradicts itself, there's not much hope you'll see the flaws in the theories you try to construct out of thin air (again, that also would NOT be a vacuum) with even more complicated sentences.


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