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Originally Posted by Peace Warrior View Post
You're a physicist and you need references? Hey, I know of no mechanism in outer space that can clump gases together so as to produce a star. hey, this very well may be so because I am simply ignorant of the mechanism. I studied topic for a long time, and I haven't found anything but highly improbable theories, as opposed to actual Science, to reveal a mechanism for star formation.

Can you show me an observable instance of gasses clumping together? (NOTE: Please do not post yet more photos of nebulae as everyone knows that they are expanding and NOT condensing/contracting.)
Here's one.

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I'm referring to the shiny round thing in the image. The buildings in the foreground are not made of gasses clumping together.

It is possible to see it from Earth with the naked eye. But you have to look in the daytime.


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