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Originally Posted by JMS View Post
Waiting for DanaT to put in his meaningless opinion as well as mentioning the autobahn and Porsche.
Well, here you go.

If the original inhabitants of a land are the proper owners, then how many of you GTers supporting this are going to go give your property back to the native Americans? It is VERY clear that they were the ones who "owned" the USA before the Europeans came.

Moving on with history, there have been many groups that have laid cliams to lands and "visitors" come in and take it over.

Do you realize how much the fall of communism affected land ownership? Many people who left the communist block right after WW2 came back with property deeds from before WW2 and wanted the current "owners" (occupiers they claimed) evicted and they wanted their land back. Something had to be done. Basically, the European courts had to make decisions. The decision was they the were forced to abandon land and they gave it it. They were not going to cause another war. They said the war sucked. You lost the land when you left.

No matter what someone was going to lose. There are times when one knows that any outcome will result in a loss, the least damaging is often taken.

The Palestinian problem will not go away until the people live in better conditions. Desperate people turn to radicalism. This has been shown many time in history. The Palestinians are nothing but pawns of the more powerful Arab countries. The more powerful countries need the Palestinians to be living like they.

If the Palestinians were smart, their best solution would be to stop their crap, become peaceful and ask to be part of Israel. If they became Israeli citizens and acted as such, they would go from living in a third world craphole to living in a 1st world country.
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