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Checking to see if the ejector rod is loose is as easy as opening the cylinder, holding it so it doesnt turn, and lightly twisting the end of the rod to see if its loose. If it is, youll know it right then, and if you snug it back up, close the cylinder and the problem is gone, then you know that that was it. Not a big deal, and unless you have no common sense, pretty hard to screw up. Do what you want about the LocTite, but when used properly, its not a problem.

From the sounds of it, if you had a course on how to properly use and apply "lube" and LocTite, you'd probably be able to retire early.

If the cylinder is sluggish to close and/or open, or turn when you pull the trigger or back on the hammer, then I would first check under the star for crud, as this is the other "most likely" problem. A simple cleaning, even if it doesnt look like there is anythig there is simple and will give you instant feedback with no need for gunsmithing skills.

Unless its your first time shooting the gun and youre unaware of other issues, checking the face of the cylinder for fouling shouldnt really be needed if you clean and maintain your gun properly.
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