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Originally Posted by NEOH212 View Post
Take the one that gives you the edge in competition. Keep practicing with both.

I was told by many people that I'd never be able to shoot well with a DA/SA gun and that I needed DAO, especially because I'm a girl.

Not only did I prove them wrong, I can out shoot them regularly! I don't find DA/SA or HK's in general any slower in actual firing than a Glock.

Speed wise, I'm just as fast shooting a HK as I am a Glock but far more accurate.

Does this mean the HK is more inherently accurate than a Glock? I wouldn't say so but I will say it means that I shoot the HK better!
When folks say they shoot one gun more accurately that another.
It's usually more of a trigger, sights, grip angle, familiarity and ergonomics thingy.
The Human Factor.

Lock both guns in a ransom rest and they will likely shoot much better than you can.

That said,
some experienced shooters can tell the difference between an OEM
and a third party match grade barrel.
Literally tighter groups you can easily seen and duplicate with consistency.

My personal experience?
1) Storm Lake in my Glock, and Bar Sto in my Sig Sauers,
give me a very real improvement over standard OEM barrels.

2) I find my four Hecker and Koch OEM barrels to be near
match grade as shipped.
Particularly the HK45C.

3) Barrels, and how they fit in a slide, seem to be unique.
Fired from the same G27;
Storm Lake G27 and G23 40-9mm barrels clearly favor different
weight, and manufacturer, ammunition.
And these two related sisters don't agree on what they favor.

4) My OEM Sig Sauer P220 Sport 5.47" stainless steel match grade heavy contoured barrel continues to out shoot three times the price third party match barrels.
Go figure?
And no - that barrel is NOT for sale.

Have fun and know your limitations.

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