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Originally Posted by Warp View Post
Which model?
This is the important question. I prefer the Gen 3 grip texture as well as the mag release more than the Gen 4. I bought a Gen4 G27 originally and it shot great. Being a southpaw I figured the reversible mag release would be great. Turns out I have been shooting Gen 3's for so long, I couldn't get used to releasing the mag with my thumb rather than my index finger as well as the increased size. I sold it for a Gen 3 G27 after 7 months.

That being said, the G26/G27 did not get as many functional improvements as the other models due to them already having the dual recoil spring. That is why the model question is so important. If you are looking at anything other than a G26/G27 I would seriously consider the Gen 4 as long as the changes between generations are not uncomfortable for you as they were for me. Hope this helps being that I am rambling at 4:40 in the morning.
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